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From Hell To Heaven

In sharp contrast to my previous post on the (potentially) hellish Chuck E. Cheese, I wanted to share my review of my idea of heaven on Earth – The Viceroy in Anguilla.  This review was previously posted on TripAdvisor, which is incidentally is an excellent source of unbiased information on places you might want to visit from real people who have been there.

It really looked like this!

Rarely do things look better in person than they do on pictures on the Internet. When I walked into my 2 bedroom Residence at The Viceroy Anguilla it absolutely exceeded my expectations. I love all the modern decor. We were in Manta/Moray 349 and had a fabulous view over one of the pools to the beach. We stayed with another couple and this was the ideal floorplan for us b/c both the Master Suite and second bedroom both have views of the beach and access to balcony. In fact really the only difference in the master and second room was that the Mater has a king and second room two doubles and the bathroom may be a touch smaller.

Okay, so my absolute favorite thing was the balcony. I could have stayed there my entire trip. On the far right hand side there is a couch, coffee table and two chairs. Then (a large double-bed sized swing, then and card table and then a hot tub. That is how big this balcony was. Not to mention the inside of the residence had a full kitchen barstools, dining table for six and a living area. Heaven.

Much has been said about the property. I found it to be breathtakingly beautiful and fabulously decorated.

The Sunset lounge was one of my favorite spots, Open air, bordering the ocean and the infinity pool. I am not a big seafood eater so was a huge fan of the In-and-Out burger on the menu. In fact the food at all of the restaurants was good, although we did not eat at Coba. And lots of nights they have a dj that plays fun dance music. Other times they will setup a big screen and show movies or sporting events.

The vibe here is more Miamish than islandy. With that being said, it is very quiet and relaxing; not a lot of loud music pumped all over the place. Though there ere plenty of restaurants on the property, we did visit Picante (Mexican restaurant, inexpensive SO good) Blanchards (expensive, only okay, overrated) and The StrawHat (just for drinks, but they were good and friendly service.) You feel very safe walking the beaches and traveling off property to other restaurants. Although, beware of cabdrivers. One charged four of us $50 for a 3 mile round trip taxi ride. Another couple we met had rented a jeep and said it was only $50 per day, so that might be worth it.

The property was very clean and well-kept and in fact, I never saw any bugs. (Well maybe one ant the whole time I was there, but I mean really…)

Okay just a few negatives. The service could have been better. The concierge service was lacking and hard to get in touch with. Although, once we were able to contact him/her all of our reservations were handled satisfactorily. We had asked for our room to be stocked with some items prior to arrival. They were not there, there was no record of it and they didn’t seem to care that they weren’t there. However, that was okay b/c we had one of the golf carts take us to the end or the property, turned left and then on the right there is a market where you can buy cokes, chips, etc. less expensively. However, Diet Coke appears to be in high demand and you might have a hard time getting it there.

The service at Aleta (where they have the breakfast buffet) was particularly bad. Once we were the last people left in the restaurant and could not get anyone to give us our ticket without getting up and asking twice. This is a shame because this is where the beautiful poolside cabanas are. We had a cabana that was included in our package but we could not get anyone to set it up, could not get towels without begging, could not get drink service. I wasn’t too ticked b/c I was just happy to be there, but I heard that the cabanas rent for $500 a day and you can bet if I had paid for it I would have been highly irritated. For some reason the service (bringing towels, complimentary bottled water, drink service) is just much, much better at the other two pools.

Overall, I loved the island of Anguilla and the Viceroy. I definitely hope that I have an opportunity to go back.

Also, we took the private charter (two couples split the $400 cost) that the hotel arranged from St. Maarten to the island and while that was nice b/c we got right out of the airport and onto the boat (equipped with cocktails) we opted to take a shared charter on the way back to the airport for $45 a person and it was fine.

If you decide to go to the Viceroy Anguilla have a great time! I can’t wait to go back!