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Survey Says: Hardegree Family

It is well documented here that I love game shows. And while there was the whole attempt at being on Hollywood Game Night, the penultimate achievement has always been Family Feud.

Until recently it has always been a little hard to audition, as the 5 members comprising your team had to go out to Los Angeles. Now, however, I think the show films mainly out of Orlando, and even travels around the country some.

Also making it easier is that they now accept video auditions. So, what was once a faraway dream, is now a little more within reach.  As they saying goes, you never know unless you try. So last week, so members of my family and I got together, and along with the help of a few drinks filmed an audition video.  We actually made a full length video and a video “trailer” that adds a little more depth to our family. Sidenote: This is the first project I have ever made in iMovie, and it was relatively simple and a lot of fun.

Anyway, Family Feud posted our video on their Facebook page today. I hope you will take a second to go and like it here (Hardegree Family) and rate it 5 stars.

You can view our full length (5 mins) video on YouTube HERE

The shorter video trailer is on YouTube HERE

P.S. The guy playing Richard Dawson is my husband. You will see why that is important to note if you watch the full length video!

P.P.S. Many thanks to @katiesburnett for serving as our videographer!