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Review of Hatching Twitter by Nicky Bilton

I am a huge admirer of the written word I all formats, but to me the hardest to write has to be the non-fiction novel. But Bilton completely nailed it with Hatching Twitter. I haven’t read a non-Fiicton novel that I liked this much since Capote’s In Cold Blood. From the opening scene with Ev throwing up in a trash can as he is about to be forced out as Twitter CEO, I was hooked. The novel then goes back in time slowly building to the opening scene, and even though I knew what was gown to happen, I was on the “edge of my seat” as he built toward the climax. I can’t imagine being behind the sciences of a technology that has truly changed the way we communicate.

It is so interesting to find out what was really going on as Twitter was being built. The dynamic between the co-founders was fascinating. It really speaks to where power of positive press can get you and illustrates to me to never really believe what I read in the media. @jack’s relationship with the media reminded me a little of the whole Man T’ai Teo thing where the media just took something at face value and really didn’t know the truth. It worked out better for Jack than Man T’ai.

I loved this book and immediately after it was over Googled exaggerated of the founders to find out where they are now – and I followed them on Twitter of course.