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Games On The Brain

Okay so pretty much all I have been focused on these day is games and Pretty Little Liars.

1. There is the ever-looming October 31st date on which I will hear from NBC by if I am going to be chosen to be a contestant on Hollywood Game Night. I try not to think about it, but when I do think about it I become obsessed. So, let’s analyze this: On Casting Duo’s Facebook Page they said today that they were extending the time to submit applications to be a contestant on Hollywood Game Night.  Okay, so what does this mean.

A. I have a bad chance of getting on – all the peeps they have seen thus far suck and no one they have talked to thus far has been worthy of playing How Do You Doo or Smash The Buzzer with celebs. NBC has rejected all of the clips they have been send. (If we are really being honest with seven celebrities per show how much do you really notice the regular peeps’ personalities?)

B. I have a good chance of getting on – I made it passed the initial written application round, the phone interview and the Skype interview. The Casting Duo person said she was sending my clip to the network (or does she say that to all the girls :)) and they are having a hard time filling the quota to send to the network so the competition going forward is not outstanding.

Brandon says I still have a 50/50 shot, which of course he means to be good, but I interpret as bad. Side Note: How fun would it be to work for a casting agency and decide what peeps get on t.v.!! If I couldn’t be Bravo Andy, Watch With Kristen Ask Ausiello, that would be a great job.

Also, like a 15 year old girl with a crush, I saw that Hollywood Game Night 2 was on Skype and I Skyped them the following message:

[4:02:33 PM] KF: Hey! I saw on Facebook that y’all are extending the deadline for casting. Does that mean the time in which NBC could contact would be extended to or should all my hopes be dashed if I don’t hear anything by the 31st. Also what % of people that you Skype with do you send onto NBC? Really sorry to bug you, just trying to manage my expectations!


In other game news I was selected to be a host for a Hasbro Gaming Party House Party. As in actually selected, not just under indefinite consideration. So I get to play games (which it has been established that I love. Here’s what you get in the party pack that they send;

In the meantime, here’s what your exclusive Party Pack will include*:

  • 1 FUNNY OR DIE game
  • 1 TABOO game
  • 1 CATCH PHRASE game
  • 2 Party More with Hasbro Gaming winner crowns
  • 10 Coupons for $4 off Hasbro games
  • 1 Pack of Party More with Hasbro Gaming cups
  • 12 Simply CHEETOS® White Cheddar Puffed Corn snack bags
  • 15 Coupons for $1 Off Simply CHEETOS® White Cheddar Puffed Corn

Cool huh! I think I will give one of the guest the Draw Something Party Edition as a prize because I lack small motor skills and drawing has never been my thing.

I was thinking recently about why I might be so obsessed with games and the only thing I could come up with was that I never really played on a competitive team growing up. Yes, I did play basketball in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, but outside of that nothing. So I guess I have all of the built up competitiveness inside of me that needs an outlet.

The other thing I am obsessed with right now that is not game-related is Pretty Little Liars. We recently got a Roku (big puffy heart love) and thus Netflix (I know, I know what a Luddite)and one night in September when Brandon was out of town I discovered Pretty Little Liars. And then I proceeded to watch all 4 1/2 seasons in a month. And so did Brandon. And yes it is a series about 16 year olds that is probably marketed to tweens. Certainly not 38 and 40 year olds. Laura Leighton and Holly Marie Combs play two of the girls’ moms of the show and I remember them from Melrose Place and Charmed respectively.  I won’t bore you with whole plot on here, but if you want to know about it I would LOOOVE to tell you about it as I am really not friends with any highschooler’s and have no one with whom to discuss it.  Except Brandon that is. He is seriously just as obsessed as I am. And because of this he has stuff to talk to about with the nurses and office managers at the offices he calls o and they LOVE IT. So see, I am helping my family by watching all this stuff on t.v!