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Ulta – Caveat Emptor

Why I won’t shop at Ulta anymore – this is the message that I just submitted to Ulta’s Customer Service:

I had a Signature Blowout and Style in you Salon at 5267 Highway 280 Birmingham, AL 35242 on 11-15-13.  I let your Stylist upsell me from the Go Out Blow Out and Style ($36) to the Signature Blow Out and Style ($41) because he said my hair was sooo dry and whatnot. When I went to pay I was charged $55.  I did not have time to question this at the time, because I was running very late to the dinner I was supposed to attend.  However, I did go back and double check blow out prices for my store location on your site and verified the cost of $36 for a Go Out Blow Out and $41 for the Signature Blow Out (the only difference appearing to be a dollop of conditioner).  I went back to my store today, showed my receipt to your cashier to question the discrepancy.  She asked, “Did the stylist use any product whatsoever in your hair?” I said, “What do you mean, like hairspray?” And she said, “Yes, there is an additional charge for any type of product that you use.” And that my friend, is ridiculous. You do not disclose that in your descriptions of your services and one would assume that the product needed to produce the “Signature Blowout” would be included in the service.  You might as well not even have a price if that is they way that you do things. So, so misleading and not a good business practice AT ALL.  Your store is a mile from my house, however I would rather drive past Ulta to the Sephora that is 5+ miles away because at least they are upfront about their pricing.  Yes, I may not get the $3.50 off no products you really want coupons, and I may pay more at Sephora (or, not because it is hard to figure out exactly what your prices really are) but I would rather know what I was paying upfront.  I sincerely hope you will reevaluate your pricing structure. If you are truly offering good products and services, there is no need to play a shell game.

Updated 12/2/13: A very nice manager for Ulta called me today, and agreed that my complain was valid. She is refunding the $20 “upcharge” for the “spiral curls” as she said my stylist did not discuss/disclose that to me.  I guess I still don’t understand why they think there should have been an upcharge, but I appreciate the gesture. It was not, she said due to them using hairspray or additional product on my hair as the lady at the register told me when I went back to originally question the charge.  At any rate, I appreciate the follow up, and although I won’t use the salon again, I will pop in the store every now again when I need a few things.